Here are some things our clients have to say about ATR.

Grant Bulmash

John Hopkins University
"I’ve trained with Coach Hill for over 5 years now, and he’s helped me to achieve my dream of playing College basketball. He genuinely loves Basketball, and it shows in his deep understanding the intricacies of the game. He’s consistently pushed me on the court, helping me to improve in various areas, such as ball handling, shooting, and in my knowledge of different on-court situations. In addition to all that Coach Hill has helped me to improve on skill-wise, he’s always been a mentor and a big brother figure for me. Throughout my time working with Coach Hill, it has always been apparent that he geniunely wants the best for me on and off the court. I know Coach is always there for me if I need advice or when I need someone to talk to."

Xavier Bryant

Sam Houston University/ Southern Nazarene University

"Training with Coach Hill has been a major part in becoming the player I am today. He has always had confidence and belief in my game and ability to perform at a high level. He pushes me to be better everyday in every way and makes sure that I use the talent God has blessed me with and always encourages me to keep going. I have built a relationship with Coach Hill far beyond basketball that has created a bond that will last forever. Coach Hill has become family to me."

Drake Muller

Denver University

"I started training with Coach Hill when I was in seventh grade and he has helped my game tremendously. At the time, I was making the transition from a post player to a wing and I really needed to develop my guard skills. Coach Hill helped me make that transition and from that point on I continued to train with Coach Hill on a regular basis. Over that time my ball handling improved tremendously along with my ability to shoot and create shots off the dribble. I have continued to train with Coach Hill over the years and each time I step in the gym I know he has a different and creative plan to help me get better that day. He has played a crucial role in my development as a basketball player. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without him!"

Jordan Simmons

Air Force

"Getting a chance to not only play for, but also be trained by Coach Hill has been a true blessing for me. His knowledge of the game is second to none, and his ability to relate and motivate players is incomparable. His basketball mind is one that I will always cherish, and I contribute a lot of where I am today to his teachings and guidance."

Jamie D

"When it comes to basketball trainers there are a lot that talk about what they do, but Coach Mike Hill truly puts the words to action. He puts the work in to teach, understand and grow with the players. My son and daughter both train with Coach Mike. He corrects them in the moment to understand why or what they did wrong, he has built their confidence and pushes them to their potential. Their growth since working with Coach Mike has been astronomical. They trust him and they push themselves to get better."

Ester O

"I love the way Coach Michael worked with my child. We had a really good session."

Connie C

"The session with Coach Michael was excellent. He is professional, thorough and encouraging. We could tell that Coach Michael enjoys what he does! His training techniques and communication skills are both impeccable. His patience exceeds most. More importantly, Coach Michael made a very positive impression on our grandson and for that we are grateful. Thank you!"

Paul W

"We have attended a number of sessions with Coach Michael. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. He trains basketball athletes on every aspect of the game, and effectively uses drills to enhance their skill level."

Leslie K

"I cannot say enough good things about Coach Michael! He really took the time to get to the nitty gritty of Aidens skill level and work on his weaknesses. He even came to watch him play. That says a lot about how much he really cares about my son and his success!"

Richelle G

"My son has been training with Mike Hill for over 3+ years now. Mike is a great teacher and a better mentor. His philosophy and preparation separate him from other DFW trainers. He stresses fundamentals and his approach with each athlete takes in account age, skill level, and a long-term development plan. He focuses on skill work, technique, and read and react to develop basketball I.Q. He also allows my child to work on those skills in a positive environment. As a mentor he encourages and pushes my child up to his potential. He developed a teacher-student relationship with my child and has gained trust and loyalty with his trainer. Mike has always told my child, trust the process” and this summer, during COVID while gyms are shut down, Mike made himself available to train my child outdoors in the heat, and in return made my son better and helped him gain significant strides in his development and confidence. He has given him tools to succeed on the court. My child now believes that his hard work along with Mike’s development plan will pay off in the end. We will continue to train with Mike long term. He has been a part of our family since day 1 and his is highly regarded and recommended."


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